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01 Naval Treaties Trade Playsheet
02 Minor States Playsheet
03 Events Playsheet
04 Colonialism Playsheet
05 Celestial Kingdom Playsheet
06 War Resolution Playsheet
07 Domestic Policy Playsheet
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Map of Far

Map of Near

Map of the Continent

Please note that this is a provisional list and roles may be altered, added to and/or swapped around to accomodate cancellations etc.
We will try not to do that if at all possible though.

Team Game Role
Team members (bold=paid in full / italics= deposit paid only / blue = yet to pay)
ALBION Head of State John Rutherford
Secretary of State Chris Hardman
Finance Minister Michael Bishop
War & Navy Minister Stuart Bailey
Foreign Minister Ken Evans
Colonial Minister Alex Vince
FRANCONIUM Head of State David London
Secretary of State Tim Campbell
Finance Minister Alex Gabriel
War & Nay Minister Edward McDaniel
Foreign Minister Dave Townsend
Colonial Minister Paul Sharpe
RURITANIA Head of State Matthew Bambridge
Secretary of State Daniel Bürkle
Finance Minister James Moulding
War & Navy Minister Chris Cooling
Foreign Minister Becky Ladley
Colonial Minister James Olver
THE KHANATE Head of State Alex Pannett
Secretary of State James Kinman
Finance Minister John Concagh
War & Navy Minister Tony Concagh
Foreign Minister Alex Dziedzan
Colonial Minister Andrew Fergar
EVZONIA Head of State Stephen Brown
Secretary of State Nick Carter
Finance Minister Martin Concagh
War & Navy Minister Graham Clare
Foreign Minister Dan Cope
Colonial Minister Chris Brown
BURGUNDY Head of State Christina Biss
Secretary of State Anthony Lewis
Finance Minister Nigel Howorth
War Minister Adrian Noyce
Navy Minister Marcel Nijenhof
Foreign Minister Oliver Sliney
Colonial Minister (vacancy)
HESSEBURG Head of State Maria Euler
Secretary of State John Brindle
Finance Minister Luca Kling
War & Navy Minister Alan Ford
Foreign Minister Andy Grainger
Colonial Minister Hans De Ceuster
ROMANIA Head of State Tom Parry
Secretary of State Jon Parry
Finance Minister Dan Shaw
War & Navy Minister Ian Angus
Foreign Minister (vacancy)
Colonial Minister Pieter Chielens
CONTROL TEAM Game Control Brian Cameron
Main Map Control Jim Wallman
Colonial Map Control Bernie Ganley
Political Control Jon Casey
Non Played States Control Peter Merritt
Non Played States Control Phil Middleton
Albion Control  
Franconium Control Andrew Hadley
Ruritannia Control Ben Williams
The Khanate Control Ben Moores
Evzonia Control John Powney
Burgundy Control Mukul Patel
Hesseburg Control Jaap Boender
Romania Control John Mizon


Barrivades and Borders has two spaces. If you'd like to be added to the game then contact us to book.

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