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2018 Autumn

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Location / Date
Hands of the Many - 5th Century BC Greek politics and warfare in the Peloponnesian War Andrew Hadley & Bruce Walton
London - 15th September 2018
Deus Vult - the megagame of the First Crusade from Christian and Muslim perspectives Terry Martin
London - 20th October 2018
War to End War - the final stages of the First World War - to mark the centenary Jon Casey
London - 17th November 2018
City of the Devil - a megagame of heresy, war and high politics in early 13th century Europe Richard Hands London - 1st December 2018



Location / Date
Long Live Death 2 - the Spanish Civil War Bernie Ganley
London - 9th February 2019
Cockroaches, Copper and Cows - the Mexican Revolution 1913 Jonathan Pickles
London - 7th April 2019
The Dancing Congress - the Congress of Vienna 1815 Brian Cameron
London - 1st June 2019
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